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1. What is Trakinvest?
Trakinvest is an exciting new way to develop your trading knowledge using virtual cash, real world information and competing against other people. Unlike trading stocks in real life, Trakinvest makes buying and selling stocks visual, social, and easy. You don’t need any prior experience and there’s no brokers or boring financial jargon to deal with. 
We don’t like boring stuff. Trakinvest is fun, but most importantly it's rewarding and you’ll gain new skills by playing. 
2.  Is Trakinvest free? I read something about Premium and Pro subscriptions.
Trakinvest has three subscription options: Free, Premium and Pro. You can register for the Free account and start trading at any time and without any charge. However, you'll need to register as a Premium or Pro player to unlock all of Trakinvest's great features and access to games and prizes. Read more here.
Premium and Pro subscriptions are on a month-by-month basis and you can cancel anytime. Please note that no refunds will be issued. 
3.   How does it work?
Once you subscribe and sign-in you’ll get a set amount of virtual cash to play with (in the currency you have chosen during sign up). You can buy and sell any stocks you like using this cash across 10 global markets, including the NYSE and NASDAQ (featuring popular stocks like Google, Apple, and Microsoft among others). 
When you're ready, you can enter into games and compete against other people to win exciting prizes.
4. How do I identify stocks (shares) that I'd like to trade in?
Start by exploring the markets, industries, and stocks in the Trade browser. They’re represented by tiles with country flags, industry related icons, and brand logos, respectively. Check out the Trak suggestions inside the Trade Lobby to find top performing people within the Trakinvest community to Trak and follow them and even copy their trades (for Premium and Pro users only).
Scroll down further in the browser to see which stocks are trending right now within the Trakinvest community. You can choose to buy or sell them immediately or Trak stocks to keep an eye on them for a decision later (only available to Premium or Pro players). 
You can also search for company names in the search bar up top if you already have a stock in mind. 
5.  How does my portfolio work?
On the left side, you’ll see your portfolio. As you start trading, you'll notice your stocks start populating this panel and will be one of four colours - grey, green, red or blue.
Grey = Order processing. Trade order will take place at the price in the market at the time of execution.
Green = Order processed, if it was a long open or close position (you now own shares of a stock or sold shares of a stock you owned).
Red = Order processed, if it was short open or close position (read  this if you don't know what shorting a stock is).
Blue = Order failed. You'll see a yellow ! icon. This can happen if you put in an order for a stock which has  trade limits or if you've run out of cash. Trying to close a position before you've opened it also results in a fail.
6.  What does Close Short and Close Long mean?
Closing a position is the exact opposite of opening a position - it’s essentially an opposing trade. You’re making your open position null and thus eliminating your exposure. If you choose to Close Long, that means you’re selling a particular stock in the exact same way that you bought it. If you Close Short, that means you're buying back that stock that you originally shorted (sold without originally buying the stock - if that confuses you, then you need to learn more about shorting stocks  here).

The difference between the open and closed positions reflect how much profit or loss you made as a whole.

7. Are the stock prices real?
Yes, the prices you see on Trakinvest are real world prices that are linked to actual live market prices. Trading stocks here simulates trading the real thing. On Trakinvest, if you buy 100 shares of Acme Ltd stock for $1 per share, and the price shoots up to $2 overnight in real life, you’ll see your $100 profit reflected in your portfolio.
8. What is the Game Lobby?
The Game Lobby is where all competitive contests take place. This is where you can compete against other players for the highest % returns on a portfolio, and earn prizes. 
9. What are games?
Trakinvest trading competitions are called “games" and can be entered into only by Premium or Pro players. Games are where you compete against other players for the highest % return on your portfolio of stocks over a specific time period and win Trakinvest (Ti) Points. The higher you rank in a game, the more points you’ll earn. Any Ti Points you have are redeemable for prizes.
There are three types of games: Free to play, sponsored prizes and cash prizes games.
10. Who do I play against?
Depending on whether the game is public or private, you would be playing against other players from the global Trakinvest community or your peers within your private group. Public games are open to anyone who holds a Premium or Pro account. Private games can be created only by Pro players and are invite-only, based on who the game’s administrator decides to invite. If you'd like to host a private game, get a Pro account and contact support@trakinvest.com for more details.
11. How do I join a game?
To enter a game make sure you are registered as a Premium or Pro player. As a Premium player you can join the weekly free-to-play as well as sponsored prize games. As a Pro player you can join all types of games including those offering cash prizes and even create your own private game.
12. What are Trakinvest Points?
Trakinvest (Ti) Points are what you collect when you achieve a rank in any of the games. Click on a game's Prizes and Rules section to see what is on offer in a particular game.
14. How do I redeem my Ti Points to prizes?
You can convert your Trakinvest Points by clicking the withdraw button in the Game Lobby.  Only Premium or Pro Players can enter games to win points and redeem them for prizes. Please contact support@trakinvest.com if you have any other questions regarding conversion of Ti Points to prizes.
15. Am I safe making a purchase on Trakinvest?
Absolutely, whatever country you are residing in security is one of our biggest considerations and we never cut corners. Trakinvest forces HTTPS for all services, and our payment gateway has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to  PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.
16. Is Trakinvest gambling?
Absolutely not. Trakinvest is a ''learning to trade'' platform which offers a trading simulator with real world information and skills based trading games to people of all experience levels. It is a fun, educational platform where players learn and exercise their trading knowledge to earn prizes. Players never risk more than subscription fees.
17. How do I reset my account?
If your portfolio balance is negative, your account will require resetting. Resetting can be actioned for a fee of $10. Email support@trakinvest.com if you wish to proceed. Make sure you use your virtual cash wisely!

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