Subscription Types and Access to Features

Your subscription type determines what features you can use and games you can play

Trakinvest players are grouped into three categories: Basic, Premium and Pro.  

More details for each plan:


  • Access the 10 international markets in the Trade Lobby to start practicing.
  • Use the Pin Stocks feature to keep an eye on specific stocks and their ongoing performance.


  • Access all of Trakinvest's unique features as well as 'Free-to-Play' and 'Sponsored Prize' games.
  • Trak traders as well as stocks.
  • Shorten your learning curve by taking advantage of the Trakinvest's key social trading feature such as 'Copy Trade'. This allows players to see what their peers are trading in and either copy that particular trade or study the trade/stock further.
  • Entry into 'Sponsored Prize' games allows Premium holders to start winning Ti Points and redeem them for various non-cash prizes such as vouchers, tickets and even smartphones.


  • Complete access to entire features stack and all types of games.
  • Play in games with big cash prizes.
  • Open doors to internship and job opportunities with Trakinvest partners and affiliates.
  • Create private tournaments for your own value network or personal group.

GOTC (Global Online Trading Certificate)

Click here for more information on this 6 month certification program, preparing you for both education and/or a career in finance.

Important notes:

a) You can't play games if you only have a Free account.

b) You can access games once you have subscribed for a Premium or Pro account. 

c) You can move from a Free or Premium account to a Pro account at any time.

d) Your Ti Points balance gets subtracted when you redeem them for a prize. You can check your transaction history for a list of when and how your points got credited or debited.

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