Quick Start Guide

1. Start trading and build your portfolio

Welcome to the Trade Lobby. This is where you search for and trade stocks, and manage your virtual portfolio. You'll begin with US$100,000 or equivalent of virtual cash. 

Find stocks by clicking on a market in the browser, scrolling down further to see trending stocks or by simply using the Search field. After identifying a stock, use your virtual cash to buy or sell. Read more  here.

2. Choose a subscription

Once you've got the hang of things, choose a Premium or Pro subscription to unclock all of Trakinvest's trading features and rewards, including competitive games. Read more  here.

3. Enter a game, win prizes

After getting your Premium or Pro subscription, click on the Game Lobby to see the different games you can join to test your trading skills.  Games award you Trakinvest (Ti) Points which are redeemable for prizes. Check each game's Prizes and Rules section to see what is on offer. There are three game formats: Traders, 24hr Hold'em and Hired Guns. Read more here.

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