Copy Trades

TrakInvest allows you to copy the trades of people in your network.

Once you start traking someone, you'll be kept up to date with their trading activity. When a person you're traking executes a trade, you will be given the option to copy it. This is a special TrakInvest feature meant to shorten your learning curve and help you get better portfolio gains. 

This is how it works:

  1. As you trak more people, you'll see their trades appear in your news stream. Click the ‘copy trade’ button. 
  2. You will then be directed directly to the stock's main window. Click trade, then select the quantity and your order type, and confirm your order.

Your order will then be executed as normal.

Here’s an example:

  1. On Sunday, Amber notices that Steve has placed well in each of the games he entered this week and decides to Trak him.
  2. Next Thursday, Amber's news stream updates her that Steve has decided to sell Jb Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited shares, at $78.65.
  3. She decides to replicate this trade, and hits Copy Trade in her streams bar.
  4. At the Jb Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited stock page, she hits TRADE, then executes a sell order for 100 shares.

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