Portfolio Snapshot (your order list)

How Your Portfolio Snapshot Works

On the left side of the Trakinvest trade lobby, you’ll see your Portfolio Snapshot. As you start trading, you’ll notice your orders will populate this panel and will turn one of four colours – grey, green, red or blue. 

Grey = Order processing. The Trakinvest system executes your trades at the market price at the time of execution. Depending 

on market hours this can take a little time for the trade to show as processed.

Green = Order processed, if it was a long open or close position (you now own shares of a stock or sold shares of a stock you owned).

Red = Order processed, if it was short open or close position ( read this if you don’t know what shorting a stock is).

Blue = Order failed. You’ll also see a yellow “!” icon. This is a rare occurrence and shouldn’t be an issue for most users. If you experience a failed order, you can view your order history to see why it failed (View Portfolio > All Orders). Limits placed on irregular penny stock or small cap stock trading can be a reason and you can read more here.

How Trades and Prices Work

If the market is open, then your trade order will be completed at the exact market price at the time of execution.

There’s no need to worry if your order is showing as processing. If the market is closed, then your order will be processed as soon as the market opens next (for example, if you make a trade in the evening or on a weekend).

Here’s an example:

1. Mike decides to buy 100 shares of Apple Inc. stock on the NASDAQ market. He types Apple in the search bar, then clicks trade next to Apple Inc.

2. He types 100 into the box, then clicks the buy button. The time is 10:08 AM New York time on Monday, and the price of AAPL is currently US$112.36.

3. Mike’s order is accepted by the system and shows up in grey in the portfolio snapshot, meaning it’s currently processing.

4. At 10:15 AM, the order turns green and is executed. In the meantime, the stock’s price has fallen to US$111.98. However, Mike’s order was executed at the 10:08 AM price of US$112.36, because that’s exactly when he placed the order.

See you on the floor.

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