Traking (Following) Top Players

Follow top traders. Crowd-source your knowledge. Discover new ideas.

Premium and Pro account holders can now 'Trak' players and copy their trades. This feature will help you to improve your tradings skills by being able to learn from other people's investing styles. If you grow to be a top trader, you can get recognition for it by building your own community of trakers. Just click 'Trak' to follow a player!

On the right hand side of the Trade Lobby, you will have an Activities tab. This is where the player's trades in real time will be displayed:

How do I find people to trak?

You can trak top traders via two methods:

1.  Top Leaders: Click on a tile in the Trade Lobby and scroll down to see a list of top traders (ranked by their percentage gain) for that category.

2.  Game Winners: Click on a game in the Game Lobby and check its leaderboard to find top performers to trak. 

Here’s an example of Traking:

  1. Jessica is new to trading, and wants to learn why some top traders buy and sell particular stocks.
  2. She visits the Trade Lobby, clicks on NSDQ market and scrolls down to see the top performers section. As she has a Premium account, she goes ahead and traks the top 5 players.
  3. Jessica’s news stream will now notify her when any of these five execute a trade, which of course, she can copy or research about those particular stocks.

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