How Simulations Work

The 'Earn' lobby is where you enter trading simulations and get the chance to compete, get on the leaderboard and even win prizes.

Are you ready to compete against other players to win prizes or job opportunities? The Earn section is the place for you to test your stock trading skills by entering into competitive games or test out what you've learn in practice simulations

Once you’re in, you will notice a list of current simulations, which is populated with both active and past competitions.  

You can enter any game you wish, as long as it’s not full. 

Each simulation has a different duration, player limit and reward structure.

You can check all this via the simulation header once you click on it. Remember, timings are based on GMT time.

Once you begin entering into simulations, your ‘Currently Playing’ window will begin to populate with the simulation names, their duration, your rank in each of them and your % gain – all updated in real-time.

Note that in the spirit of fair play, any players with negative portfolio values will be excluded from simulations. Negative portfolio balances skew gains and distort the ranking system. Players with negative portfolio balances will need to reset their accounts - more information  here.

See you on the floor.

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