Order Execution Delays

TrakInvest is built as a learning tool wth an objective to make it available to the maximum amount of people possible. In order to do so, while our technology platform is world class, we do not charge for the data or the content feed on our platform. In order to keep it free, there will be a delay in order execution on TrakInvest and it is not real time. 

The order execution time will vary more if you place many order together. Please try to place one order at a time, since if multiple orders are placed under a second, all your orders will end up getting queued and hence take much longer to execute. 
Remember, we do not encourage intra-day trading ideas but more investment ideas as the motive of TrakInvest is to learn, practise and understand stock markets rather than pursuing erratic trading strategies.
There could also be delays because we are not getting the stock price from the parent exchange itself. For instance if you are trading in Stock A on NSE and if the price feed of Stock A is unavailable on NSE itself, the order wont get executed.
In case you have placed a single order at a time, the price feed is also available and the exchange is also open and still your order has not gone through, then please connect with us immediately on support@trakinvest.com

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