The Global Online Trading Certificate

The Global Online Trading Certificate (GOTC) is aimed to improve your all-round investing skills. An initiative by The TrakInvest Academy, the GOTC program certifies you to several high-level standards and benchmarks set by Trakinvest, so you can use these as a proven track-record. Earning the certificate demonstrates your capability and confidence in equities trading and investment management. Users can provide this certificate as a proof of their trading performance and skill-sets to showcase their trading history on the platform to employers for jobs or internships, or for gaining entry to college and university courses.

Certification Criteria

  1. The user should have his/her profile complete with picture updated
  2. The user should have played at-least one game
  3. The user should have shown 1 month of positive absolute return on his/her trading portfolio.
  4. The user should have shown 2 weeks of continuous positive return
  5. The user should be followed by at least a minimum of 10 people and must be following 10 people.
  6. A user was copied 3 times – i.e either 3 trades were copied by  single/multiple users or a single trade was copied 3 times by multiple users

Benefits – Why should you get this certification?

  1. This certification demonstrates your trading abilities and can act as a scorecard of your trading history and portfolio. This can then be showcased to companies for jobs or internships.
  2. This certification can act as an introduction to stock markets and the basics of profitable investing. It can provide you with the much-needed confidence to pursue investments on a serious note with real money.
  3. This simulated environment provided on this platform is very close to real as the stock price feeds are real across the globe. 3 months of trading practice allows you to assess and understand the volatility and the risks associated with trading in the real markets.
  4. You will also get access to 10 international markets across the globe, allowing you to get an international perspective. No other platform currently available in India offers this feature.

How to Participate?

The user can participate in the program by purchasing the 3 month certification plan . The user can then, practice unlimited trading on the website to master the skill. During this time, he can participate in sponsored games and win prizes too. 


The GOTC is a 3 month program. It is currently available for a limited number of applicants for a total price of INR 10,000.


The user will be certified by Trakinvest, which is led by Mr. Bobby Bhatia. Mr. Bhatia has over 25 years of experience in the trading and finance world. He has been a former Partner at JP Morgan and an MD, Financial Products at AIG. TrakInvest is already being used by global firms such as FWD thailand (the biggest insurer in Thailand) to train its sales team on stock markets. We have marquee schools in India such as IIMs, NMIMS, IIFT, Amity, ISB to name a few who have organised virtual trading competitions and found value through our platform. International b-schools and companies are increasingly looking for candidates with a proof of practical experience in addition to the resume while shortlisting potential candidates

Who can get this certification?

We have no eligibility criteria for our program. We believe that investing is a life essential skill and everyone must have basic knowledge about the world of stock markets. Having said this, this certification will be especially useful if you are a

  1. A recent graduate looking to build a career in BFSI,
  2. A homemaker looking to invest you monthly savings or
  3. A young working professional looking to start allotting some amount from your salary to the stock markets.

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