TrakInvest Global Online Trading Certificate (GOTC)

Certification Program


1.     Who can enroll for the GOTC program?

All users on the platform are eligible to participate in this trading program. The course will take you through the absolute basics to help you get rid of your fears of the markets and gradually progress towards more complex topics. Perfect for you to learn how to navigate the markets and develop a key life skill.

2.     When and how do I get the certification?

As soon as you have met your certification criteria, your certificate will be made available to you in your account. You can download and use this for further use. For more details on the 

3.     How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for two years

4.     Why should I use TrakInvest and not use any other platform available in the market?

TrakInvest has unique features that are not currently offered on any other platform in India. These are

  • Access to all global stock exchanges on the platform
  • Social trading features such ‘Trak’ trader and ‘copy trade' features
  • Individual trading performance reports and insights
  • Fun, engaging, simple UI/UX
  • Simulations mirroring the real world

5.     How do I know what stocks to invest in? Will you guide me?

Absolutely. We have 15000+ stocks covered from across the world. Each stock has its relevant information, technical analysis chart (if you're inclined to use that) and a stock score that tells you whether to buy, sell or hold the stock. Next, you could pick up trade ideas from your peer network and research the stocks they trade in, learning everyday as you trade. Finally, there are tons of websites available online for in-depth research on stocks.

6.     What if I do not meet the certification criteria set by you at the end of 3 months

We give you one more shot at the Global Online Trading Certificate! You can extend the certification program by another 3 months by making an additional payment of INR 2500. But, remember, this can be done only once! So, All the best and see you on the trading floor!

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